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The Puppy Playbook

The Puppy Playbook

The Puppy Playbook

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Looking for a standout puppy training guide? Look no further than The Puppy Playbook - the ultimate resource for pet parents who want to ensure their furry friend's training needs are met from day one.

With a comprehensive and structured curriculum, actionable steps, weekly plans, progress trackers, and checklists, The Puppy Playbook has everything you need to build a strong foundation for your pup - from housetraining to essential skills like Sit, Down, Stay, and more.

But The Puppy Playbook doesn't stop there - it also offers advice on what toys to buy, supplies you'll need, and how to design the perfect daily routine for you and your puppy. And with extras like spaces to document your pup's memorable moments and delicious treat recipes, training becomes enjoyable and rewarding.

Trusted and recommended by breeders and rescue organizations across the US, The Puppy Playbook is the only puppy training guide you'll ever need. Say goodbye to training woes and hello to tail-wagging success with The Puppy Playbook.


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Customer Reviews

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Our "GO - TO" Guide for Everything Puppy Related

The Puppy Playbook is exactly what our new puppy parents need. As a breeder and as a dog parent, I highly recommend this book to all who are experienced puppy owners or novices. The easy to follow format and included checklists are an added bonus to a book that is so rich with practical, hands-on information and tips.
I recommend the Puppy Playbook over and over again!

The book we suggest to all our new puppy owners!

As a breeder, it's important to me that all of my puppies go to their new homes with some foundational training and with owners who understand how to continue that training to create a well socialized and well behaved dog. The author if this book, Joanna Russell, is our chosen trainer and each of our owners gets this book in their go home packet. I've read countless training books by countless authors and I wholeheartedly recommend this one each and every time!

Keepsake and training book all in one

This is a training and "baby book" all wrapped up into one fun package. The weekly learning objectives and specific daily training routines were helpful but I really enjoyed the spaces dedicated to writing down my puppy's firsts. Similar to a baby book I've recorded my puppy's most memorable moments and even did ink prints of my puppy's paws. This is a book I'll be keeping for years to come.

Great book

This is a wonderful book for first-time puppy parent to a seasoned dog owner. You will love the common sense approach to do training. Has great extras - fun recipes too!

Great read

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I learned so much and appreciated the structured weekly training schedules. It made my life with Ruby so much more enjoyable.